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All these Pro-Palestinians defending Palestine


Yet they have not one single true fact backing them up. Israel is unrestrained? They call, text, and drop leaflets before an attack since 2006. Hamas uses schools, Mosques, and homes to store and fire weapons on civilian locations. You want to talk about restraint? →


i won’t even try to make a bigass post about the situation in my country rn (israel) because i’ll be overwhelmed with SJW trash and i have no time for this but i’ll just put this here:

    they’re targeting the hamas - an extremist muslim terror…


Israel Under Fire: Life Comes to Halt.

Incessant Hamas rocket fire is making daily life intolerable for Israeli civilians.

Most of the Israeli population is currently living under the threat of rocket fire. Life between sirens, in and out of bomb shelters, has become the daily reality for millions of Israelis. Hamas terrorists have fired more than 200 rockets at Israel since Operation Protective Edge began on Monday, July 7 – and over 650 rockets since the beginning of 2014.

This is an intolerable and dangerous reality for Israelis under fire, especially in the south of Israel where thousands of people have less than 15 secondsto run to a bomb shelter when an alarm goes off.

Life under constant rocket fire has disrupted the daily routines of millions of Israelis. Summer camps for children have been canceled. Children are advised to be with their parents, in close proximity to bomb shelters. In many places, children remain in bomb shelters for the entire day in order to avoid being in open areas when the rocket siren sounds.

No nation would accept this reality.


The difference between them and us! 
Please Share and let the world see!


The difference between them and us!

Please Share and let the world see!

Israel vs. Gaza - The side you won't hear on the news. →


Hey guys, how you all are doing? I know this is long, but I had to share the truth.
First of all, I would like to apologize about my poor English. I might have some grammar or spelling mistakes, but I had to write it because this shit pisses me off.

My name is Omer, I am 17 years old and I live


Do you ever just like flex your foot wrong and it cramps and you’re just like this is it, this is how it ends 

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